Paul Ryan Won’t Pursue Family Leave Legislation

The hypocrisy in Paul Ryan’s statement is stunning. He presents his list of demands, as unions were able to do on behalf of their brethren, sees them met and will not try to present the appropriate legislation to afford family leave to the rest of hard working people in our nation. When you hear of the Beltway bubble, Paul Ryan should be its poster boy, because only in D.C can he think that his deal is the norm. Our runaway capitalism has taken a profound toll on the American family; the two income family is a necessity often at the expense of a healthy family life, the single family needs to juggle multiple jobs again at the expense of a family life, retirees are still working to supplement their income, twenty year olds are competing with middle-aged and elderly for minimum wage work, people are bypassing the law to convert their homes into AirBnB, Uber and Lyft are creating a whole new level of contractors and perma-temp agencies are flourishing since corporations no longer wish to invest into their own employees, preferring to employ temp agencies and passing on the buck of responsibility elsewhere. When you look at the partial list I have just written down, can you really wonder why Americans are extremely angry with their legislators in D.C? Paul Ryan gets his demands met while your average worker can’t even ask for a personal day without fear of being fired, where is the justice, where is the empathy? Paul Ryan works for us and we need to remember that if we demand our lawmakers to write laws that finally give some dignity back to workers, they should be only too happy to still have a seat from which they can write the appropriate legislation. I am so tired of reading about Paul Ryan and his sociopathic disdain for his fellow Americans. He doesn’t deserve the position of Speaker of the House, I sincerely hope he doesn’t stay too long or get too comfortable, there has to be a better alternative to this Republican who wants nothing more than to do away with our civic side of government, his dream is to have a federal military and that’s about it. He is plotting ways to privatize Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, the Post Office and every other governmental agency out there. If he succeeds in his grand scheme, our country will no longer be the nation that we have been bragging about since its birth “the land of opportunity” and the home of the “American Dream”. We can’t let this happen, we need to vote him and his fellow Republicans out of congress.
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