Obama To Announce Executive Action To ‘Ban The Box’

Given that we are seeing a return to debtor’s prison and most offenders stem from a preponderous of drug convictions, I see President Obama’s executive action as a step in the right direction. Moreover I see this as a logical progression to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s directive to eliminating credit checks as part and parcel of job applications. Seeing the nature of some of the comments, I feel obligated to qualify that certain criminals may not be rehabilitatable, but I really don’t think that those criminals would be out and about applying for postions at your local CVS. I believe that President Obama is referring to those who made mistakes and paid for them; they deserve to try to re-enter society and the best way to do that is to become an employee, be able to pay one’s bills and hopefully become a productive member of society. The best way to beat recidivism is to empower people, giving them the tools to find better ways to provide for themselves and others. We have to stop being so cynical, I know that I am not cynical in the least, I believe that people for the most part are good, it’s usually the circumstance around them that stinks and after awhile, when your circumstances never seem to change, then I could see how one can start making wrong choices. Our criminal justice system has gone way off from what it was intended to be, a form of punishment and rehabilitation designed to allow re-entry into society, now it is really a profit-driven business designed to rake in millions for the prison industrial complex and it is happening at the expense of our society. I am so excited that Senator Bernie Sanders is completely onboard with fighting against the prison industrial complex. He is on the campaign trail, stating what needs to be said, it is morally wrong that Wall Street criminals are walking around free of any consequence of their criminal banking behavior, while young men are being thrown in prison for marijuana usage. Our criminal justice system needs an overhaul and Bernie Sanders, if given a chance, will be the one to lead the charge and bring about a correction in what should be prosecuted and what should not be, as well as redirecting resources to white collar crimes which have been neglected for quite some time. I am voting for Bernie Sanders, I hope everyone else does as well. Bernie2016!
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