Paul Ryan Threatens To Use Power Of The Purse Ahead Of Potential Shutdown

I was hoping that Paul Ryan would have said no to the Speakership because his aims have been very clear from the start of his political career, eliminate as much of the role government plays in our lives as possible. If Paul Ryan had his way, we would have a military and that arm of the government would be privatized as much as possible and that’s about it. I don’t trust him with the Post Office, Social Security, Medicare, and definitely not Planned Parenthood. We need the House to do its job with the appropriations and an omnibus bill is the way to get there, however how are we going to get there if the tea party Republican faction loads up the bill with a stream of radical amendments? I hope that the elections of 2016 will change the political landscape and that progressives take a page out of the tea party handbook and start loading up their own candidates locally, statewide and also nationally because we have got to push back and hard. We cannot let time slip away, we have to be proactive. We have a long laundry list of items that need to get taken care of such as the highway bill, unfortunately the Republican Party has successfully convinced some that certain things are best serviced by the private sector. I disagree because I have seen how poorly the private sector has done when it has replaced what public sector used to manage. There are reams of factual analysis and case studies that show how so many municipalities seduced by the promise of private industry and in actuality, private industry took these municipalities to the cleaners, mismanaged and forced taxpayers to pay increasingly through the nose for subpar service. These studies have cities such as Chicago, state highways thoughout the MidWest and the South and it is these studies that remain under the radar that need to be brought out to the light of day to illustrate that this sad state of affairs is what Paul Ryan thinks would do well to serve us as a nation. He would love to serve our national commons on the menu for private industry to peruse and divide amongst themselves, sending us all invoices at the end of the day with threatening letters of either water turnoffs, electrical shut offs without proper recourse. Paul Ryan is an Ayn Rand acolyte so his world view is very dystopian, I fear what his latest rise to power will mean for the rest of us the 99%. If any of you feel that I am being too melodramatic, I urge you to read his past budgets, they are his personal stamp of his moral worldview and it is a scary landscape for the unfortunate. Doesn’t it behoove us to do right by our most vulnerable becasue it is the right thing to do? There is more to life than money, empathy and compassion for your fellow man should be count for something as well if not more than just dollar bills and coin.
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