Maine, Seattle Pave Next Path For Campaign Finance Reform

We not only need the expand the role of the small donor, but we also need to disclose the names of all donors, regardless how big or how small, since there is huge money in our campaigns and therefore political system, we need to strive for the utmost transparency. I would also love to push individual states, through grassroots initiatives, to ratify some type of amendment overturning Citizens United and thereby making the small donor the heart of the election and campaign season. I don’t care what the five conservative judges said, money doesn’t equal speech, it never has and it never will, though it was some brilliant legal maneuvering and pontificating on their part from the safety of a lifelong appointment on the bench, that unfortunately in this case has the last say outside of a radical action taken by the good people of our nation. I suppose that at the end of the day, what do the five conservative judges care if they led the way to establishing an oligarchy, they won’t be around to witness the damage they have wrought on our democracy. I guess they get the satisfaction of bending the shape of our nation to their will and vision, that has to be it, because otherwise the idea that they have been bought and paid for is an insult to all the other Supreme Court Justices before them. I have thoroughly depressed myself, I really dislike our Supreme Court right now.
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