U.S. Finally Reveals Specifics Of Massive Trade Deal

Personally, I don’t need any more text to be released, enough of it has been leaked, thankfully by WikiLeaks, for me to know that I will continue to email and call my representatives and my senators to vote against the TPP and the TPPIP. Perhaps others may need the full text to understand that those who described these latest treaties as NAFTA on steroids weren’t being hyperbolic or melodramatic, because the full text will reveal what the treaties really are, a gateway to corporate hegemony, worse than it is right now. My fear is that these treaties will take our rights as citizens and voters to determine what our laws would protect us from away, all in the interest of corporate greed. Moreover, if corporations have their way, we won’t have many rights left up to our discretion to determine much of anything, if they deem that it interferes with a corporations’ perceived right to profit. Doesn’ that frighten anyone? It does me, we have had movies and television shows that depict this very scenario, one that comes to mind is Continuum on the SY-FY channel. Over the years, I have noticed that if we write about it or draw it, it can eventually come to pass and the way corporations are challenging states and countries in court over labor regulations and environmental regulations, it isn’t that farfetched to think that a corporate biased treaty would be so very bad for human beings as people and as consumers. I realize that President Obama believes that these treaties will strengthen our position vis-a-vis China but at what price? Our workers and our environment need more than “trade treaties” they need real governmental commitment and genuine activism from more than just grassroots organizations, they do a lot, but we need movement from our legislative body to put sentiment into action. Vote down the TPP and the TPPIP! Bernie2016!
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