How Hundreds Of Lawmakers Ended Up Voting To Give Banks $17 Billion

I’m not surprised that so many of our millionaire congress people voted to mess with monetary supply rather than feel the slightest heat from the banks. I believe that there is a two-fold reason to this madness; first, the most obvious of reasons is that you never deliberately anger your biggest campaign donor, but second and less obvious is that these lawmakers voted in their best economic interest, the wealthy want interest rates to go up, it makes their savings and investments more valuable and since they couldn’t give two figs over the spending power of the 99% or their employment situation, why not find ways to push the Federal Reserve bank to raise rates, even if it isn’t in the best interest of the majority of people in this country. I say this because it has been so since 1980, the wealthy took center stage when it came to economic policy and they haven’t budged since; President Clinton did almost nothing for the 99% except to increase the EITC, he along with Newt did a devastating number on welfare, Clinton also did a number when it came to prison incarceration and thanks to him, by repealing Glass-Steagal and deregulating the commodities markets, he opened the door to financial casino gambling, the likes we haven’t since since prior to the Great Depression, for all that the Republican Party gripes about our horrible experience with liberal policies, we haven’t had any real world experience with progressive policies since F.D.R. That is why I am voting for Bernie Sanders, not only will he condemn this vote for obvious reasons, but he will go the million extra miles to make banking available to rural people by making our Postal Service another banking resource, he will also break up the biggest banks and he will commit the resources necessary to invest in our nation the right way so that we enter the 21st century with dignity, not as a has been, but as an innovator.
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