The People Rejected Keystone XL

This is such a victory for the people, no matter how it gets spun, I have been signing petition after petition for several years now and to see a positive outcome from it, is so very heartening, as opposed to the often disheartening news I get, such as the Kentuckians voting for Republican Bevins, who promised to shutdown expanded Medicaid for his state. I am so sad for those poor people. Back to the Tar Sands, this type of fossil fuel has no business being extracted, since we chose to ignore climate scientists back in the 1970’s, now we can’t afford to continue extracting peak oil, never mind the sludgy type which burns dirtier, because our planet is going to melt if we don’t take the bull by the horns. We don’t have the luxury of time, we wasted our precious time spewing carbon as if there was no tomorrow, instead of going full bore down the renewable energy route. My point in driving home the urgency of keeping the tar sands oil in the ground is a direct response to what many supporters of the pipeline have stated, they believe leaky pipes are somewhat safer than railroad transport and the train derailment disaster in Canada should give everyone pause before loading up another train with crude oil. They argue that since tar sands will still be extracted, at least the pipeline would be a safer conduit than relying on potential train bombs. I say we have to be better and we have to do better. We have wind and solar, we can do geothermal, we can continue looking at nuclear options, if we could get a breakthrough in fusion, we may harness that energy safely, in other words, energy as a concept needs to be broadened, expanded upon beyond the fossil fuel technology of the past. There is a reason it is called fossil fuel, that fuel is archaic, we need innovative and creative but most importantly clean for our future.
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