You’re Getting Ripped Off By Forced Mandatory Arbitration — Here’s How to Stop It

I will be signing the petitions supporting the Arbitration Fairness Act, I agree with its premiss and it needs to be signed into law. However this bill doesn’t answer an important question and it’s one I would love to understand, how did we get so far away from the progress we had made against the old plutocracy of the 1920’s? Why did we let our guard down and allow the plutocrats of old reclaim their power, we are the only ones who get hurt when they control everything, we should have been more vigilant. I realize that I am writing through the convenient lens of hindsight, but still, there were signs, a glaring red flag was the steady takedown of unions, the unholy alliance between job outsourcing and tax code reform and the race to create bigger and bigger corporate entities, thereby stifling competition in the marketplace. We stood by when Walmart put Mon and Pop stores out of business, we stood by when Staples put small stationary stores out of business, we stood by while many important services that once were charged to the public sector, were sold off to the private sector and made more expensive and less service oriented. What makes me so frustrated is that we have lost so much headway because we kept our heads in the sands, we were passive bystanders and more often than not, we didn’t even exercise our right to vote, we allowed a minority to staff our congress, thereby letting the foxes into the henhouse. We are going to have to mobilize by the hundred of thousands in support of Bernie Sanders, Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey and other like minded progressives to get these bills signed into law, we need to get the White Collar division of the F.B.I and the Department of Justice fully funded to take down these corporate bad actors. We need to turn out to each and every election because we cannot allow the minority to win all the time, we have to stop sitting down on the job, letting any excuse get in the way of using our opportunity to make something happen. Our political system is a mess, but it is still ours and we can and must do something, vote Bernie2016!
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