The Killer Question Republicans Couldn’t Answer Tuesday Night

I think that Republican politicians fail to realize that despite what their donors may say behind closed doors, business in general doesn’t prefer a Wild West type of economy, there is too much uncertainty when everyone is flying by the seat of their pants. I have an inkling that Democrats and their ethos, their ideology and their belief in lifting all boats with a rising tide, provides a more stable business environment which leads to better outcomes. I can’t write this often enough, but I feel that Ronald Reagan was the worst modern President and he is still plaguing us to this day; his economic platform was an unmitigated disaster for the middle class and we haven’t yet recovered, because despite the accomplishments of former President Clinton and President Obama, we have been fighting this insane fight against Reagan’s legacy that the Republican Party won’t let go of, despite its documented failures. Reaganomics wasn’t the growth engine it was purported to be, instead it created wage stagnation, disabled the union brotherhood and weakened our public universities, basically a three prong strategy targeting the middle class at its core structures. I challenge anyone to outline any progressive measures put in place within the past forty years, I can’t really think of any, our tax code has become more regressive, we have to fight tooth and nail just to keep our Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs from falling under the ax, each time any member of the progressive caucus presents legislation related to jobs, manufacturing or wages, it is immediately shot down. I want our nation to have a least one congressional cycle where they vote progressive measures up and send it off to be signed into law, we owe it to ourselves to take a chance with progressive economic measures that will emphasis American manufacturing, increased minimum wage, paid internships, better vocational partnerships between schools and business, there are so many, we should try. Moreover it would be the fair thing to do, how many times have we allowed the Republican Party take us down the road of deregulation and lowered taxes and how many times has it blown up in our face? It is only fair to let the progressives take a crack at it, from what I read Minnesota is doing very well with their progressive Governor Mark Dayton, they are leaving their neighbor Wisconsin in the dust, so why shouldn’t we take a page from Minnesota’s playbook and apply it nation wide? It could be a spectacular surprise and a success.
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