The VA Can’t Seem To Fix A Computer Glitch That’s Denying Health Care To 29,000 Combat Vets

I believe this type of mistake occurs whenever you put barriers in place to exclude certain groups from benefits as opposed to others. In my opinion if you are a veteran of the United States military, you should be automatically enrolled, no matter in which capacity you served, you gave months, years of your life to serving our nation and health care should be an automatic part of your benefits, because goodness knows, people who go into the military do not go into it for the pay. If only veterans weren’t vulnerable to partisan politics, their care would be better served and their interests better protected. I can’t but help put some of the legislative responsibility on the Republican Party’s doorstep because historically, republicans do love sending our troops off to military conflicts, unfortunately once they return, the Republican Party doesn’t get as excited about the doing the necessary heavy lifting it takes to get the sick and broken soldiers the help they and their families need to rebuild their lives. Moreover I know that Bernie Sanders has worked hard to get the veterans the help they need to be seen by their local V.A hospitals and he has been forced to be very creative in order to find the bipartisan support required to get anything passed, however the opposition he faces exists because at the heart of the matter, this is a battle between ideologies, the right wants to do away with the V.A and make veteran’s health care join the private health insurance sector, whereas the democrats want to keep it within the public domain since it is part of the military which is a socialized part of our democratic life. I would love to see the Veteran’s Administration find the courage to admit their error, but when you live in a bubble like the one that encompasses Washington D.C where any mistake could get you and your department cut off from any funding, making the entire V.A even weaker, I can see why those in the trenches try to keep their heads down, paper over mistakes and dodge and weave accountability. It is not an acceptable way to run the V.A, but when you know a political party is actively trying to undermine you and you find out you made errors, I can empathize with the panic that must takeover within the ranks. I wish problem solving and solution building without throwing the baby out with the bathwater was possible in Washington D.C, but I fear that with the extreme right conservatives in congress that won’t be possible until someone votes them out.

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