Democrats And Republicans Agree More Than You’d Think About Kim Davis And Abortion Rights

I empathized with the young African American woman who seemed confused by where to place herself with the Pro-Life question, it seemed almost counter-intuitive for a democrat because historically democrats are against the death penalty, against war, support gun control and so their positions indicate a healthy respect for the sanctity of life, however a woman’s right to choose and to be in charge of her body don’t necessarily put you in an anti-pro-life check box, so I had a lot of empathy with her confusion. I found this survey both interesting and entertaining, especially the brief interactions between the red shirts and the blue shirts, each trying to get the other over to the “right” circle. I am curious as to how the conservative movement took over the “pro-life” label when the rest of their political agenda points to aggressive, militant and violent tendencies which take away life instead of revering it. I have said it before, the conservative movement is brilliant when it comes to messaging and public relations. I don’t see how you can brand someone anti-life solely on the fact that they believe a woman has the ultimate right of freedom over her own body. I have two children of my own, I carried them, I bore them and I still believe that no one has the right to tell me what I could do or not do before they were full term. For some reason, it seems that conservatives have this image of a woman haphazardly deciding on a whim to terminate her pregnancy, it doesn’t work that way. Their poor opinion of women, in my mind, informs their belief system when it comes to a woman’s right to reproductive control. I also feel that their particular brand of religion only reinforces their misogynistic mindset and it does pain me to see other women support what I consider Neanderthal ideas. It distresses me that despite the fact Roe v Wade had been decided over 40 years ago, with the majority of states in republican hands, thousand upon thousands of women will have their inherent right and freedom to determine their reproductive well-being denied. We have to find ways to alter this sad state of affairs.
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