Supreme Court To Hear Abortion Case That Could Erode Roe v. Wade

Reading this sobering account of yet another challenge to Roe v Wade accepted to be heard by the Supreme Court makes me nervous and anxious. I realize that there are many positive undercurrents nevertheless, Justice Kennedy has ruled correctly the last time and we now have additional case law to bolster Roe v Wade’s survival. My main take away in this situation is “Vote!!!!” at every election, no matter how trivial it may seem. The democratic party is almost non existant at the local and state levels and it is on those residents, who stayed home instead of exercising their right to vote and be heard, they are the reason the Republican Party has walked away with so many state legislatures, who now have the power to practically take away a woman’s reproductive freedoms. Moreover, next election day, our votes will determine the next President, who may get the chance to nominate a future Supreme Court Justice, additionally several senate and house seats will be up for grabs, again the power of the confirmation process, so do we really want to let all of this go to the Republican Party? Do we really want to go back to the “good old days” of W. Bush and even worse than that, the nightmare days prior to Roe v Wade? Get out and vote, no matter what, personally I am all for Bernie2016!
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  1. You are so right ! With a vote you have voice !! I think some people tend to forget that it is a privilege .. Love, Anna xx

    1. Thank you so much. Vote 2016!

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