Parisians Show Solidarity And Strength From Paris To New York

Vive la France! I have been reading amazing articles all day, each one about the strength and courage of the French, from scores of them standing on line, waiting to donate blood, to last night opening their doors to those who needed shelter and then, rising to the defense of muslims against those who were leading an anti-muslim march, if ISIS was expecting the French to lay down in despair from those horrific attacks, they must be sorely disappointed. I know the French spirit, I am French/American, I have a much beloved family in France, and I know first-hand what the French character is all about, it doesn’t go down easily. I know that the French have historically been the butt of a million jokes because of World War II, but let us not forget General DeGaulle and the French Resistance, many French people sacrificed their lives to help get American soldiers into France, hide Jewish families and keep a network of spies and intelligence gathering alive and functional throughout the war. I know the French will be vigilant and circumspect, but they will not lose their ideals, for two centuries, these ideals have served as the strong and proud foundation to their republic, and they are not prepared to lose that, especially since they fought a long, violent revolution to establish a nation-state in direct contrast to what they had labored and often suffered under for centuries. When a nation upends the old order and replaces it with something based on the rule of law, laws designed to protect and serve the people, a social, economic and political system shaped to provide equality and liberty while maintaining the essence of fraternity, the people are bound together with bonds that transcend everything in order to preserve it. France won’t be broken.
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