Hillary Clinton Is Pulling Away From Bernie Sanders With Union Endorsements

I am surprised that there aren’t more unions lining up behind Bernie Sanders, but perhaps Saturday night’s debate will have changed that because he clearly was the winner. I found that Bernie articulated his positions and his vision with passion, facts and long term focus. His is not a frivolus candidacy, he has a distinct plan and strategy for our nation and I for one want him to be President so that he can start to orchestrate our ascendence into the 21st century. Unions need to get on the Bernie bandwagon because Bernie Sanders clearly has a clear place for unions in our everyperson’s economy. If unions still had a strong presence in our economy, we wouldn’t need to have such a strong push from disparate groups throughout the U.S marching for 15 dollars an hour, these fast food workers are doing for their industry what unions traditionally did in the past before they were forced out of our nation’s workplace. Bernie Sanders is very cognizant of the vacuum left by the absence of unions and I am not sure if Hillary Clinton appreciates the loss as much as Bernie Sanders does, I believe that Hillary Clinton is a Wall Street Democrat and thus her connections to organized labor are relatively new. I also believe that some of these unions are being politically cynical, accepting the professional pundits and mainstream medias facile acceptance of Hillary Clinton’s nomination as a fait accompli, without doing their due diligence with regard to Bernie Sanders, he truly isn’t getting the respect he and his campaign deserve, he is a viable candidate for the general election, in certain polling data, Bernie Sanders beats all of the republican candiates by double digits, something undeclared unions should keep in mind if they are only endorsing on the basis of projected electability and not the candidates real values which if you look at Bernie Sander’s political career, he has not deviated from his core values not once. If I were a union President I would be backing Bernie Sanders without hesitation. Bernie2016 
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    Hi Laurie. Do you think that Hillary was accurate in explaining Bernie Sanders’ health care plan in the debate? She was saying that he wants national health care to be administered at the state level, whereas he was criticizing Obamacare for doing precisely that. Puzzling.

    1. Hi James, from everything I have been reading, Bernie wants to expand Medicare to everyone and not do it by state but on the federal level like we are doing with Medicare presently. My feeling is that Hillary was trying to scare people, however I read that Colorado is trying very hard to implement a single payer system themselves and they, I think, are going to put it on the ballot so who knows. Vermont tried and failed because they are a small state, at least that is what I read, moreover Colorado has serious revenue from legalized marijuana and if they put that towards a single payer system. I would say hats off to the “stoner state” lol I am so bad. hee hee 😀

      1. jamesbradfordpate · ·

        Yeah, I was going to ask you sometime why it failed in Vermont. What you say makes sense.

  2. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    One more question: What do you think about Sanders on gun control? I can appreciate that Senators vote for bills for complex reasons—-that they may not agree with all of a bill, but vote for it because of parts they do like. I do not know a whole lot about gun sellers having immunity, which Sanders allegedly voted for: I don’t think that gun sellers should be liable if someone killed with the gun that they sold, unless the gun sellers were negligent in doing a background check, or spotting irregularities. Sanders’ vote against the Brady bill, though, is somewhat odd, since the Brady bill is a staple of gun control legislation.

    1. I am as confused about Bernie and guns as you are, but I confess that in the aggregate, I will vote for him rather than Hillary because we need a progressive more than a centrist. We have given all manners of political leanings a shot, now I believe it is a progressive’s turn. Bernie can’t do any worse and he might do a whole lot better. 😀

      1. jamesbradfordpate · ·

        Yeah, that’s the way it is, a lot of times. We have to weigh candidates according to whether they fit our values, and there are few candidates who do so perfectly. But some are better than others! Speaking for myself, I thought that Hillary did better in that debate, but I do think that Sanders asked good questions. I may vote for him—-we’ll see!

      2. Yes what you said. 😀

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