House Bill Would Make It Harder To Prosecute White-Collar Crime

No, no and a thousand times no, enough with the Republican Party treating corporations as something to be placed on a pedestal, absent from any accountability or responsibility while the rest of us are penalized, prosecuted and sometimes jailed for the crime of being poor. If this sounds melodramatic, it is because it is dramatic, I realize that this is just legislation floating around the House for the moment, it hasn’t been voted on, it hasn’t become a concrete part of anything, but still it makes a statement, it is part of the Republican Party’s worldview, laissez-faire capitalism is necessary because the marketplace is where all things are best sorted out, the marketplace is their utopia. As a society it doesn’t strengthen or behoove us in any way to allow corporations and their C.E.O’s carte blanche in all matters and why? Because negligence, fraud, pollution are very real things; Duke energy comes to mind, B.P is another one and the C.E.O who was recently sentenced to 28 years for the food poisoning of dozens and dozens, some who have died, these examples make the case for increased rules and regulations, not less. There are too many republicans in the House, they don’t contribute much of anything to the middle, working or poor people. How is it that debtor’s prison is fast rebecoming a thing, while if these House republicans have their way, the people will be at risk of any corporate malfeasance, because it has been proven that unquantifiable cost of potential legal cost serves as an excellent deterrent against bad behavior, take that away and it could be a free for all by which the people are the only ones to lose. This is not right. 
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