GOP Demagoguery Over Refugees Sinks to New Low

Any hint of refusal is not only reclaiming our hideous position of quasi-xenophobia, but it will just exacerbate the refugee crisis. If one does any reading beyond that of conservative sources, then one will realize that the refugee crisis is a humanitarian crisis, those poor souls are fleeing the same monsters who attacked Beirut, Paris and downed the Russain airliner. If we don’t come together as a nation and come up with a plan to help these people, who are being persecuted for being normal, then what does it say about us as the greatest nation on Earth. If we fail to step up to the plate on this second chance at redemption, we will have contributed to the problem. We need to figure out some way to check this insane racism, how many Hindus and Sikhs have suffered hateful actions because of the color of their skin. We need to find courage, strength, not military strength but moral strength and cease giving into the facile emotions of fear, hate and distrust. What I want from mankind everywhere is for everyone to go about their business of living, laughing and loving, pure and simple, a bit Pollyannish, but we have to start somewhere. Some of our Governors have come out and publicly refused to accept any Syrian refugees, even though by doing so, they are showing their lack of political knowledge, since they have no legal right in determining refugee status, that responsibility remains within the President’s purview. However, those Governors are not being discreet with their racist, hysterical speeches, they are letting the world know exactly how they feel and unfortunately the world is listening, fear feeds fear, the same as hate begets more hate, I wish that love moved along humanity as quickly and powerfully. Maybe that is why we have to work that much harder, in order for love and acceptance to flourish, commitment and courage are required. I just know that we must do something constructive or else we will regret it.
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