Hillary Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders’ Progressive Agenda

This article reminds us to balance everything within proper context, it is irresponsible to critique a plan without examining it in its entirety. I fear that Hillary Clinton isn’t bold enough for this nation, we have 40 years of neo-liberal policies to combat, and if liberals were to be honest, President Clinton’s 8 years weren’t economically progressive, they were more along the lines of Republican lite. Moreover his last two acts, repealing Glass-Steagal and deregulating commodities within the 2000 Futures & Commodities Modernization Act, taken into with NAFTA, sealed the fate for the middle class by streamlining the way for Republicans to amplify the subsequent gains into an ever-widening chasm between economic classes. I suppose that at the time, President Clinton was better than what we had had under Reagan and H.W. Bush, but he still wasn’t left enough and I fear that Hillary Clinton will retreat back to the centrist right position after a general election, all in the name of getting things done expediently. I am voting for Bernie Sanders because he will increase taxes, taxes that will pave the way for Medicare for All and free public universities, universal child care, universal preschool and investments in our crumbling infrastructure. I welcome this because I have been blessed with a large French family, who welcome me every year into their homes for extended lengths of time. I see firsthand what it is like to live under higher taxes, universal healthcare, inexpensive university, paid vacations and family leave and it is better for the soul. My family is wealthier than I am at the end of the day, their out of pocket expenditures revolve around purchases for their leisure, not out of pocket medical expenses, deductibles or co-payments, student loans, college fees, outrageously priced text books or replacing tire after tire because the potholes are everywhere and inescapable, French roads are known for their durability. They live a civilized life, the way they define it, I would not characterize our way of life as civilized, not with the yoke of stress and uncertainty that surrounds us everywhere, at work, on the roads, in public and even in our homes. We have far too much fear present in our everyday lives, fear of unemployment, fear of foreclosure, fear of medical emergencies, fear of bills and that is not a healthy way to live. We as a society can band together with Bernie Sanders and choose to invest in ourselves as a people, helping each other out and getting much more out of the deal, than if we were to go it alone as we have been doing since the 1980’s. Isn’t it time for us to try something way different? We may even like it.
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