Bernie Sanders Channels FDR To Explain What ‘Democratic Socialism’ Means To Him

Bernie Sanders was right to remind us of F.D.R’s vision of a second bill of rights, it may not have been passed right then and there when F.D.R referenced it during his 1944 State of the Union address, his vision was later incorporated into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by almost all nations. Throughout the years, our government has piece by piece put in place programs designed to make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights a reality for many, but just as we had achieved many of the parameters detailed in the Declaration when L.B.J’s Great Society came into being, not too far down the road, Ronald Reagan came into the picture and ushered in a new era that put us on the road to privatization and corporate primacy. I believe that Bernie Sanders is doing an excellent job explaining what democratic socialism is all about and how it did, does and will impact us individually and collectively. Medicare for all will not only get everyone insured, but will also go a long way to eliminating the private costs incurred by the new normal of high deductibles, co-payments and laboratory expenses. All of these savings will free up a lot of consumer revenue, more to put into the market economy, so even if taxes may be a little higher, the overall savings from not having to shoulder the lion’s share of medical expenses, will still be an economic boon to the average person. The same could be said of free public higher education, why shouldn’t we invest in public universities the same way we do for primary and secondary education? Moreover, we could even start funding all public education differently, instead of relying on property taxes, this way just reinforces inequalities and inequities. There has to be a better way to fund public education because the way it is done now, clearly isn’t working for many right now. I think that Bernie Sanders is the right person for the job of President, he is the breath of fresh air that everyone needs in order for our future to change.
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