World Leaders Build Momentum For Paris Climate Talks

Climate change is real and it is effecting us now globally, climate change itself is contributing to the refugee problem and it can be argued that climate change is a contributary factor in terrorist origination so having the climate talks in Paris is a home run for humanity all around. France is not allowing fear to rule the day, instead it is tackling the issue of climate change at the heart of its nation, Paris. I applaud France’s determination to move forward with their way of life and using their role as host for the climate talks as an opportunity to show their commitment to the Earth and our continued survival on Earth. That may have sounded a bit dramatic, but unless we do something, climate change will only get worse. The writing is on the wall, we are in the sixth extinction, scientists are naming this era as the anthropogenic era, (our outsized pollution based influence on the planet and all of its planetary systems, we forget that every single planetary system doesn’t exist in a vacuum, each is interlocked with the other), extreme weather is here and by the looks of it, it seems to be settling in for the long haul. I love the fact that Paris, the City of light, will be the venue to shine a light once again on the shared value the world has in turning the tide of pollution, deforestation, strip mining, mountain top coal removal and over-fishing while at the same time, exploring new methods of alternative energy, safeguarding the arctic circle and cleaning up our oceans as well as replanting our world wide forests. We have much work to do as global citizens and I hope we won’t be disappointed this December.
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