The American Hunger Games: Top Republican Candidates Take Economic Policy Into the Wilderness

While I agree with everything Nomi Prins writes in her article regarding the sheer laziness of the Republican Party’s approach to economic policy, instead of trying to use their real world experience to inform their proposals, they fall back on the tried and failed economic ideology of supply side economics. I wouldn’t label the Republican Party’s field of candidate as tributes of the Hunger Games, instead they are part of the fortunate inhabitants of the Capital. Instead I would compare every last worker in America as a tribute in our Hunger Games on a daily basis, there isn’t a single candidate who understands what it means to work two or three jobs and still not be able to put much away in terms of savings. Marco Rubio may be the best placed in understanding what it means to start out in debt, and he may slightly understand how hard it is to get ahead because he did take advantage of his position within Florida’s Republican Party committee and his access to their credit card in order to make his family’s life easier. However instead of using his experience to make enlightened policy changes, he follows what his billionaire donors are demanding by way of their Super Pac contributions. If we want to stop feeling like tributes in the daily grudge of our own Hunger Games, we have to vote for Bernie Sanders, he is the only one to critique the TPP and TPPIP, he is the only one calling for a trillion in infrastructure investment, he and Martin O’Malley are the only ones calling for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagal as well as breaking up the big banks, Bernie is the only one calling for Medicare for All, as well as agitating for union participation and living wages. Haven’t we given enough time to the right wing ideologues, it has been 40 years after all, I think we owe it to ourselves to welcome radical progressive economic policies and Bernie Sanders is the best man for the job. Bernie2016.

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