Senate Republicans Are Voting To Repeal Obamacare Again

Yesterday I was griping over the dearth of articles related to congress and their various agendas, however I seriously didn’t expect the first article I look at to be about repealing Obamacare yet again. I was concerned about the highway bill, the appropriations bill, Medicare and Medicaid funding, the education bill and other government related housekeeping items of business and I was hoping to see some movement on these important issues. Instead I see that the Republican Party is bound and determined to yank the Affordable Care Act away from those who need it most. Recently there has been a spate of literature regarding the frightening phenomena of the large longevity gap between white wealthy persons and the white blue collar worker. The white blue collar worker is becoming an endangered species, dying between the ages of 45-55 at frightening rates, either from guns, alcohol or opiates, why, because they are living in an economy of despair as it has been coined by others more eloquent than I. The Republican Party has already facilitated the expediting of jobs overseas and now it wants to take away Obamacare, and the blue collar worker will still probably vote for their traitorous party. I am the first to say that if I had my preference, I would have gone with the public option, but since that was off the table, the Affordable Care Act is our next best choice, it has gotten rid of the pre-existing condition, it pushed the insurance companies to apply at least 80% of premiums towards medical costs and it has made exchanges a forum for the marketplace. Instead of trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, we should be improving upon it and maybe setting ourselves up for the next transition which would be Medicare for All, in anticipation of the 2016 election that will bring us the Bernie Sanders presidency. 
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