Watch Obama Address Homicidal Gun Violence Again, And Again, And Again, And Again, And…

I refuse to become numb from another mass shooting, I want us to band together and march onto Washington D.C and stare our congress people down, shaming them into doing something, anything because this is not acceptable. We are being told on the 24/7 news cycle how dangerous ISIL is, but in this nation the odds of you being mowed down by a white angry disenfranchized male are far greater. I believe that if we had federal statutes in place, specifically aimed at Internet sales, gun shows and the discrepancy between individual states regulations, so that the gun controls were uniform, it would bring us along to a safer state. Moreover, we need to allow doctors to have a voice in the conversation that needs to occur, we have a gun violence epidemic in the toddler demographic, yes those parents are legal gun owners, but are they responsible gun owners? Our idiosyncratic gun culture needs to be re-examined because is this really the type of society we want to live in? I don’t have the answers because I know nothing of what I have written will be put in place, but I wish what I wrote would at least be included in a congressional conversation, where each of my points could be taken apart and refuted or upheld, at least ideas would be shared and tossed around, and maybe something would then stick.
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  1. Lucy Pasha-Robinson · · Reply

    Well said, and you’re right to be angry. From a UK perspective it seems to have become a nightmarish routine, to which it’s hard not to become desensitised to, to hear Obama lamenting over another such tragedy. Something needs to change but it looks to be an uphill struggle by the way the constitution is set out and the enormous power the NRA retain. A very complex issue, my sympathies from the UK.

    1. Thank you very much for your compassionate comment. 🙂 It is so frustrating and I wish that we would take a page from your country’s book.

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