Paul Ryan’s 7 Terrible Ideas (Video)

Paul Ryan as Speaker will most definitively mark out the vast differences between what democrats and progressives envision for our nation and what the Republican Party want to accomplish for their favorite constituents. Our biggest battle between the two parties is for whom government should be working for, everyone or a certain few. Progressives don’t want to shut out the wealthy from the process, we believe that when everyone has an opportunity, all benefit, the wealthy included, sadly the wealthy forget that they benefit even more when those who are less fortunate do better as well, it grows our economy more robustly when we have a strong foundation. The heightened wealth inequality that occurs under Republican leadership undermines the diversity and stability that normally fuels a strong economy under democratic leadership and for every Republican presidency and Republican led congress, we move backwards and lose ground. It takes so long to regain that lost ground and the proof lies in the fact that wages have been stagnant for close to four decades now while C.E.O pay has skyrocketed. Paul Ryan’s only response to the challenges that face us economically is to slash programs that are lifelines for the poor while depriving our nation of desperately needed revenue by way of tax giveaways to the wealthy and corporate America. He needs to stop spouting about his Catholic values because when you read over his budgets, moral documents if you will, they do not reflect anything related to Catholic values. We must pay attention for next year’s election and not let ourselves be swayed by fear, we need to be strong and vote for the candidate that will actually advocate for programs that follow a moral and just code, Bernie Sanders. Bernie2016
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