Congress Is About To Gut A Depression-Era Law To Help Wall Street

I think, in order to stop the inclusion of these poisonous riders into larger important must pass bills, we need to force congress to spend more time at work so that they don’t feel compelled to jam everything into massive bills, though perhaps it is by design in order to slide these little poison pills underneath the radar. I remember Senator Elizabeth Warren explaining the boom and bust banking cycles before the age of banking regulations, we have come back to those vicious cycles simply because the banking lobby has won the battle. These speculative vampire squids have persuaded our millionaire congress people to not only forsake their responsibilities to all people, but to line their own pockets with their own designated rules allowing for insider trading that otherwise would be illegal for you or I. Our pension funds have been raided time and again by Republican governors and legislatures whenever there is a budget deficit, that is bad enough and now congress wants to allow companies who have filed for bankruptcy to strong arm pension funds in order to save private equity funds. This is mostly just the same sad modus operandi of the Republican Party, special behavior for the wealthy and betrayal of the ordinary worker. We have a congress who spends too little time doing their duties, we should have some control over their work obligations, they work for us in the final analysis, we desperately need to do something about the insanity of dark money running rampant throughout congress and the presidential campaigns. Excess money is the constant theme here, we have to keep that in mind at all times. It’s consequences must be addressed and soon before it is irreversible.
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