Lynch: Obama Will Urge Americans ‘Not To Give In To Fear’

I don’t understand how the Republican Party can think one form of terrorism is worse than another, especially when the results are indiscriminately horrible. Why was all of the media’s attention directed to California when Georgia had its own mass shooting on the same day? As I see it, the N.R A and the Republican Party are running out of excuses, justifications and straw men, something has to be done about our gun obsession, our gun culture or however you want to describe it. This terrorist couple figured out ways to get a hold of a serious arsenal of weapons, perfect for mass murder, no one should be able to procure that amount of firepower and if they do, our police should be aware of it because it isn’t normal behavior. We as a society have decided that a car should be registered, insured and inspected because it is something of value, something that can be stolen and something that can potentially kill people, does a gun sound that different? How many innocent people need to die just because for some crazy reason, people have been brainwashed into thinking that the second amendment grants everyone the liberty to own a weapon, it doesn’t, we have allowed ourselves to think it does, but the exact words only speak to “A well-regulated militia” in other words, a local and/or state police department. The second amendment doesn’t trump the other well intentioned principle laid out by the founding fathers “the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” Our right to life should supersede anyone’s right to a gun, it is so rare that an untrained individual uses their own gun successfully when threatened, usually it is the police who save the day, not private citizens; more often than not, it was a bad shoot and someone ends up in jail. Terrorism is a significant challenge but we have to find the courage to not allow fear to overrule our logic and reason. As our great President F.D.R said “there is nothing to fear, but fear itself” Fear should never lead the way but deciding to take lethal weapons out of the equation is making a rational choice in how our society polices itself, putting it back in the hands of trained professionals.
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