Paul Ryan: Congress May Not Meet Government Funding Deadline

I wish that Boehner would have secured a clean omnibus bill before leaving, he may have felt that he had done his job well, but without passage, his omnibus bill is simply pages of words. Austerity economics as practiced by sequestration has held us back economically and psychologically, we have two Americas, the very rich and the barely hanging on, without investing in our nation we are playing psychological games with those who are barely making ends meet, each pothole that blows a tire, puts a family back ten steps instead of moving ahead a few hundred dollars in the black. Small things as a flat tire means the difference between making rent, making an insurance premium or groceries, the wealthy don’t comprehend this which is why they lobby congress to concentrate on policies solely focused on the economics of Wall Street which has no bearing on the economics of Main Street. Sadly for us, we don’t have the legions of lobbyists pressuring congress to do right by our needs, we only have our votes which is why it’s imperative for us to get out and vote.  
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