Bernie Sanders for President: 10 Reasons

I am voting for Bernie, my children will be voting for Bernie as well as my husband. I agree with Ms Teachout in that Bernie Sanders has been a faithful constant in trying to preserve the working and middle class despite opposition from both parties at times. The latest gem from Bernie Sanders comes just the other day, he was on a Sunday show and he alerted the American people that corporate media was working very hard to frighten everyone with ISIS so much as to forget the extremely economic realities we face everyday. Bernie told the moderator that he had faith in the American people, that they could face the danger of ISIS and deal with rebuilding our nation from the ground up at the same time, I find his courageous type of leadership very refreshing on the campaign trail. Moreover, his type of honesty is rare, you cannot accuse Bernie Sanders of flip-flopping, he approaches each issue with measured research and fact finding on top of moral intelligence, his deep abiding belief in the dignity of mankind is what drives his political life as a public servant. I also appreciate his passion in always asking why not, why can’t we offer free public college tuition, why can’t we have Medicare for All, why can’t we have investment in our infrastructure, I echo his questions because his opposition in congress don’t give credible answers as to why we can’t have nice things. I trust Bernie Sanders because he has never been beholden to any lobby group and he stays true to his moral code. We need Bernie Sanders as our President, he will take President Obama’s legacy and expand upon it to such an extent as to reinstate the American middle class as the most envied in the world. We will rediscover what it means to be the land of opportunity and possibility where each generation does better than its predecessor.
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  1. jamesbradfordpate · · Reply

    Teachout ran against Cuomo for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination when I was living in New York. I don’t remember if I got to vote for her. I think I learned who she was (maybe on Bill Moyers’ show) when it was too late!

    1. I was fascinated by her campaign because she got 30% of the vote on a shoestring budget. I love her and I have huge admiration for her and her views. Thanks James 😀

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