‘No Child Left Behind’ Overhaul Passes Senate In Milestone Vote

It may have taken eight years, but our congress found a way to work together in a bipartisan fashion in both houses, in the service of children for the most part, I will give our congress at least that before I criticize too harshly. While I agree with their decision to cut back on standardized testing and evaluating teachers solely on their students testing performances, I think congress failed to take into account other outside factors that deeply influence educational outcomes. I believe that funding local education primarily though property taxes only further cements the economic and social inequities that run rampant in both our urban and rural communities. Moreover our congress has failed to takes measures to combat poverty and food insecurity when addressing teaching deficits, children cannot learn when they are hungry and uncertain. We also need to address the infrastructure challenges that so many districts face, most often the teachers spend their own hard earned money on items that should be provided by the school districts, but some regional and local communities are strapped for cash, they haven’t many avenues available to them to take care of the sometime insurmountable problems due from longterm neglect. I applaud congress for working hard to send a bill to the President’s desk, but I hope they realize that we are far from solving our educational issues until we get poverty, hunger and the lack of employment as serious issues the attention they need and we rebuild the ladder of opportunity to restore the middle class and hope for the future.
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  1. This is definitely progress! I also hope to see the government overhaul the funding system for schools. Using local tax dollars as a school’s primary funding ensures that socioeconomic gaps will continue to influence achievement.

    1. Thanks for commenting, I’m glad that you agree with me about the over-reliance on property taxes for school funding, maybe if more agreed then we could change the way things as being done. 😀

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