Senate Extends Deadline Again To Prevent Government Shutdown

I think I have signed at least 10 petitions calling for congress to pass a clean Omnibus bill devoid of any poisonous riders, I see that my efforts may have been in vain. Why can’t congress keep up their positive momentum from the bipartisan effort devoted to the ESSA bill just signed into law earlier today, was that too good to simply continue? Why is it so hard to concentrate on one item at the time, keep the government up and running by passing the Omnibus bill and then proceed to the next order of business. The Republican Party’s preferred method of governance, hold our government hostage as a pawn until they get their way, is not the honorable way to do business in a democracy. Obviously they don’t care because their base is rabidly loyal and the Republican Party knows very well that they can count on their voters to come out come election time. We cannot say the same on the left and it should be a source of deep shame. We have handed our government over to the Republican Party to do what they please because for some reason the democrats couldn’t be bothered to exercise their voice. We wouldn’t have a tea party House of Representatives if we had had the missing 66% of the electorate do their civic duty and had shown up at the polls each off year election. The presidential elections aren’t the only ones that count, we have a huge slew of elections that effect everything in our lives, from the most local to municipal to state elections, effective government matters not only to the individual, but society as a whole, it would be nice if everyone treated our democracy with the respect it deserves, it determines so much in our lives, we should care wouldn’t you think?
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