Casino Capitalism Grips Washington

Transparency must be the cornerstone of legislation, sticking policy riders into important, must pass legislation is unacceptable, we have public hearings for a reason, this policy rider, specifically benefitting private equity firms, is proof that we need to figure something out in terms of redressing the imbalance of power and influence the finance industry has over the needs of ordinary people. Harry Reid should know better. If he wants to stand up for the equity firms, then introduce the legislation on its own merits, don’t slip it in on the tail end of a huge government spending bill. Our congress need to treat their elected positions as full-time jobs, instead of the part-time positions they are currently enjoying, their salaries warrant more time in Washington D.C spent researching, writing and debating the merits of legal issues instead of campaigning and fund-raising, we the people deserve more than simply an afterthought. I am voting for Bernie Sanders because he is the only one speaking to the issue of corrupt campaign finance laws, making Washington D.C work for all of us and bringing the middle class back in force. This ridiculous policy rider is proof positive that we need Bernie Sanders in office. Bernie2016
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