Historic Climate Change Agreement Adopted In Paris

I applaud the aspirational nature of the COP21 agreement, it is a crucial global coming together regarding the future and viability of our planet for generations to come, however I am so scared that our dear old irresponsible and majorly delusional Republican Party will do everything they can to torpedo our contributions to the COP21 agreement even after President Obama signed it. They have so many different ways to throw off our positive contributions to the climate change cause, such as what they tried to do last week, push through an attempt to roll back oil export bans that we have had in place since the 1970’s. If the Republican Party is successful, we would be flooding the global market with American crude, not quite the best message to send the world right after signing the COP21 agreement. Moreover, We have Exxon dead to rights about their complicit role in funding climate denial organizations and right wing think tanks to manipulate data in order to push through their greedy agenda. However I am sure that our Republican Party is doing what they can to make sure that Exxon will not be prosecuted for their duplicitous actions. They have been hard at work trying to find ways to codify corporate malfeasance into non-prosecutable mistakes. Imagine any corporation who pollutes a lake, river or farmland and could get away with it because it would be considered as a mistake. There are certain democrat representatives of fossil fuel interests and we need to call them out on their wrongheaded votes as well, my ire isn’t solely reserved for the Republican Party, if our President allows the crude oil ban to be reversed even though he had just signed an historic climate change agreement, I will be signing petitions alerting him of my severe disappointment. This is not a time to be indifferent to our climate challenges, we need to remain vigilante about keeping our politicians aware that we want to power our nation through alternative and renewable forms of energy.
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