Why the U.S. Could Soon Be the World’s First Former Middle Class Society

According to another study, as of 2015, this is the first time the middle class is below 50% of the population, during the late 1960’s the middle class made up 60% and it has gone downhill ever since. The writing is on the wall this news, along with the fact that high school graduated white men are dying earlier, should be a red flag that the economic policies we have been following since the Reagan years are incongruent with solid and reliable economic growth. Reagan took what big business had started when they were attacking the unions by moving manufacturing overseas and made it legitimate because it came from the face of government. He was the President of the United States and he made his disdain for unions and government programs apparent and acceptable to those who felt displaced by the previous economic system. I realize that the hold big business has on our society is strong and tenacious, the mechanisms that allowed for big business to thrive, expand and manipulate our capitalism into something that serves their interests best are solidly in place. Moreover, since we have a relatively homogeneous congress made up predominantly of millionaires, getting corporate America’s stranglehold off our government and our democracy will be such a tough road. This is why it is imperative that we make Bernie Sanders our democratic nominee and allow him to beat the Republican nominee, he knows what is necessary in order to recalibrate our democracy and our economy, not fixing capitalism but shifting it towards a different model, democratic socialism which puts the needs of the greater over the needs of the few, in this instance the working people of America over the few billionaire families of the United States. We need Bernie Sanders.
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