The Sanders and Trump Insurgencies: What’s Next?

What is Ralph Nader thinking, applying a false equivalency to both campaigns? Donald Trump is by no means a populist, he is a racist, a mysognogist and a leech, but not a populist. Bernie Sanders is a champion of the people running on a populist platform, he is and always has been interested in keeping our democracy in the people’s hands and not at the mercy of the billionaire class. What has really gotten me upset is how much the media loves covering every single misanthropic thing Trump has to say and yet when Bernie Sanders actually speaks to the real issues and challenges facing our nation right now and in the future, I can hear the crickets through the t.v. I translate the Bernie Sanders blackout as one fueled by corporate fear, we all know that the mainstream media is controlled by big money, Bernie Sanders is a threat to them and the status quo they all love, it is better for them to ignore the Bernie Sander campaign than to actually do their jobs and report on his impact to the American people. Thank goodness for the young people and their disdain for mainstream media, they are all over Bernie Sanders through his Internet presence on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. His website is also well designed, perfect for engaging the tach savvy youth, the votes that count for what will come next and what that implies for the future. Bernie2016!
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