Holiday Season Giving to Jeff Bezos

I have made a point to never actively purchase anything from Amazon, they treat their employees not as well as they should, on top of that, they contract out employment to third party companies where the workers are treated like dirt; in my mind it isn’t right. Moreover putting thousands of Mom and Pop stores out of business, just like Walmart has done in the past, makes me angry, Dean Baker forgets to explain how Amazon, again like Walmart, put a lot of energy into undercutting the Mom and Pop stores with bulk purchasing from vendors, effectively using huge numbers in their favor from the wholesale side, allowing to go extremely low on the retail side, all to lure consumers away. The other side that plays in Amazon’s favor, with respect to E Books, is how much they cut into author’s profits, there have been lawsuits against Amazon in Europe from bookstores, publishers and authors, Amazon is shameful in their greed. What blew my mind is finding out how insidious Amazon is in our everyday life, they own data centers, so simply using the Internet puts you within Amazon tentacles, there is almost no place on Earth where Amazon isn’t involved. I do not admire Jeff Bezos, he is another billionaire exploitative leech in my opinion. I admire George Lucas, at least he creates things.
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