This Tax Legislation Is Terrible, But It Might Be Worth Passing

We have a revenue and a distribution problem, not a spending problem and the evidence that we have one can be found in the way that congress, controlled by the Republican Party, has decided that spending needs to be offset within the budget, but not tax cuts, those don’t have to be made up anywhere in the budget. The Republican Party knows full well that their budget goals are not fiscally responsible, which is why they have charged their newly appointed director of the C.B.O to dynamically score their budgets which is ridiculously similar to searching in a crystal ball for magical numbers to appear. We used to be able to fund our infrastructure needs because corporate America contributed 30% of the tax base under the Eisenhower administration, back then we were the envy of the world. We have been living off those golden days enshrined in our collective memories, but if we shake our heads, wipe the delusional dust away from our eyes and look good and hard at our infrastructure, now dependent solely on the middle class and working class tax base, we are not the envy of the world, more like the old dinosaur of the developed world. Our congress is such a huge disappointment, they seriously couldn’t care less about our nation’s needs or us, the people, it is so depressing.
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