Lurking Within That Ominous Omnibus Spending Bill

Sitting here in my home, reading everything that these millionaire lawmakers are willing to write into this bill, potential laws that will touch us and our democracy for many years down the road, I feel so inconsequential because no matter how many petitions I sign, how many elections I have cast my vote, my best interests keep being pushed aside. I have a small laundry list of items I would like to see done; re-engage corporate America into our social contract, they have opted out for quite some time and I think it is high time we drag them back into the mix, we deserve an infrastructure that is modern, sustainable and of the 21st century, it isn’t as if corporate America doesn’t use our infrastructure, it is vital to their profitability and success so they should be pitching in some 30% like in the old days of the Eisenhower administration. I just read Dave Johnson’s article in Campaign for America’s Future alluding to the deceptive manner in which congress has found a myriad of ways in which to keep the dark money from ever becoming disclosed, all of them codified into law starting at the executive branch and ending at the I.R.S, I would really like for transparency to win the day, we should be allowed to know who has access and influence over our legislators beyond the voting process. I wish that I, along with so many of my friends and peers, didn’t have to feel as if we are being stretched to the absolute limit, what with college costs, health care costs and retirement needs, never mind all of the other necessities that continue to increase in cost, rendering savings accounts almost impossible to replenish. My husband and I worry about getting older in the workplace, corporate America really dislikes those who are in the 50 year range, they prefer hiring young people who don’t cost as much and are as interchangeable as the single dollar bills the bosses would rather throw at them, then to pay what seasoned workers are actually worth. We cannot continue like this, Bernie Sanders is right, the 1% is siphoning off all of the wealth, leaving crumbs for the rest of us and still we are called on to pay the brunt of our societal costs. Bernie Sanders is being shut out by mainstream media because he has a dangerous message, one that is waking up the working class and if mid-management joins with the rest of the working classes, the 1% will regret being so greedy. Bernie2016!
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