5 Horrible Things Congress Just Snuck Into Law

“Let that sink in folks: Rather than allow the IRS to prevent the abuse of tax-exempt nonprofit status for purely political purposes by both parties, Congress has specifically banned the agency from taking any kind of action — even at the risk of allowing secret foreign money to poison our elections.” Aren’t these words enough to make everyone want to run out into the streets and demand some semblance of democracy be restored? What does it say about our legislators, they have no problem hobbling our Internal Revenue Service from protecting our democratic institutions against corruption and undue influence. Moreover, congress also limits the executive branch from exercising its discretionary powers regarding dark money and curtails the SEC as well when it comes to policing corporations and their political contributions. Our elected officials are deliberately denying any check or balance to oversized political donor-ship, they have paved a golden trail to the altar of power and it is all based on wealth. Our one voice, one vote, continuously under assault each and every time, legislators make it more difficult to vote, is fast becoming something of a figurehead, does it even mean anything anymore? I am very lucky my two senators, Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren, never disappoint me, but how many others can say the same? Unfortunately we are stuck between a rock and a hard place, we need our government to stay up and running, if this bill doesn’t get signed into law, we shut ourselves down and the Republican Party knows it. We should be demanding that congress stay in session much longer than they do, whilst in session they should be addressing each of these riders on an individual basis, in doing so we can really get to see which rider represents who’s interests. I feel better after railing against the powers that be, if anyone feels the same way, maybe others can be persuaded to get on board and together we might be able to affect change. Bernie2016!

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