Obama To College Students: Keep Protesting, But ‘Don’t Shut People Up’

I love the passion exhibited by these students, fighting for what they believe is respect, justice and dignity, but as youth will sometimes do, they are blinded by their young minds hampered by seeing the world in black and white, having all the answers and feeling everything 150%. I for one wish that my 48 old brain could get back into my 20 old body, I would have gone so much further with my studies because I would have been focused and measured. What the younger generation needs to learn is that often the opposition gives you your best defense, your best nuggets of insight and your flashes of genius. People can find it challenging to rise to the next level when everything is easy and fits together nicely, there isn’t any drive to find the better answer because the questions aren’t there since everyone agrees. In order to expand your mind, you have to reach further than your back door and your comfort zone. Sometimes it’s good to feel uncomfortable intellectually, it forces you to question why and questions are key to learning.
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