This Was The Year We Finally Started To Care About Working Parents

Why are we so often late to the family values party? As Bernie Sanders says on the campaign trail, family values represent so much more than what the Republican Party says it does, for Bernie Sanders as for many of us, family values means paid paternity and maternity leave, freedom for women to practice complete control over their reproductive functions, universal health care, universal pre-school, free public universities and living wages. These values reflect our belief in our society and our responsibility to each other as partners, because as Paul Krugman explains it, for the most part in the working classes, your paycheck spent on necessities becomes my paycheck, since I am most likely employed by those industries that you spent your money on, our consumerism contributes to a virtuous cycle when everyone earns enough to not only cover their basic costs of living, but to also indulge their bigger desires. Family values as the Republican Party sees it, cedes everything to the free market as if the free market has the capacity for moral intelligence or empathy or compassion, key ingredients in a just society. I would argue that the family values label employed by the Republican Party and cached behind their religiosity, instead leads to deprivation, poverty and a real sense of helplessness and powerlessness which leads to a moral sickness in their party, you see it with all of their hate mongering surrounding the candidacies of Trump, Carson and Cruz. Bernie Sanders and his supporters would rather welcome people to the fold, not exclude anyone. We are always stronger together than apart and alone.
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