What Jesus, Mary And Joseph Have In Common With Syrian Refugees

I cannot subscribe to religion, any of them, because the focus is too often on the “other” and their unworthiness. It is sad that Progressives try to use the biblical story of Jesus to show conservative Christians and evangelicals that he too was a refuge, it is sad because it will fall on deaf ears, Western Christianity thinks that Jesus had blondish hair and blue eyes. I would like to think that we as humans realize that nations and borders are, like many things, manmade constructs, and at the heart of the matter we are all humans. Our differences are due to evolution and ultraviolet light, not because of what lies beneath our fragile skin. The crime against humanity is that the powerful and wealthy exploit our fears borne out of scarcity and hardship to keep us fighting amongst ourselves and they use religion as a weapon to justify their prejudice and bigotry. If we remember our history, religion was used to justify absolutism in the monarchy, “The Divine Right of Kings” and religion was a justification to plunder and exploit the new continent and the Middle East. I can’t understand how religion feeds a person’s heart when you read its history. We should be extending our helping hands to the refugees and not turning them away. It is the right thing to do, plain and simple.
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  1. What is not common?
    The number 1 objective of Islam is found in the daily repetitive prayer of Islam and in the Quran. 
    “No other God but Allah and no other religions but Islam.”
    Islam is not inclusive, but is called to violence and forcing submission.

    Our current dilemma flys in the face of what is considered common sense, and reveals a potential for darkness so evil that most will not have the courage to see it for what it is, but will look away.
    Here are the facts with supporting evidence.

    Islam forbids any criticism of Allah Muhammad or the Quran. It is considered blasphemy and unforgivable.
    Of such is the definition of tyranny.

    The only unforgivable sin in the Bible is to attribute a miracle of God to Satan.

    The Quran calls for theocracy, there is no seperation of church and state in the Quran, and in fact it commands universal unconditional submission by any means. Regardless of what the moderates say and think it is the devout religious rulers that impose these beliefs on the masses. This is why Muslim refugees are fleeing Muslims.
    There is a stark duality in Islam.

    Islam is antithetical to democracy and commands the use of violence, deception, lies, all without  qualifications. Islam is not a religion of peace since the Quran commands otherwise, and it does to the extreme. I believe many Muslims are simply unaware of their own religion just as many Christians appear to be. But in the end, each religion’s leaders will follow the writings of their religion. This behooves the wise to be well informed.
    The difference between violence in the name of Islam and violence in the name of Christianity is doctrine. The examples you can name are violations of Christian belief, but the letter-of-the-law in Islam.

    Concerning slavery, consider the Black female Christian professor at Wheaton College who was put on leave for donning a Muslim head scarf and saying she and Islam worship the same God. Being a black Christian professor, she really, really ought to know the difference between Christianity and Islam. Islam enslaves women and children, encourages regular wife beating, (look it up in the Quran, I’m not making this up) even children born to a Islamic father have no choice but to follow Islam or the parents are shamed into “honor killing” their own children. Great Britain has seen a very large number of “honor killing” ,which is Islamic sanctioned murder. This is tyranny. Islam enslaves. In contrast, Christ spoke of freedom, “If the Son sets you free you shall be free indeed.” It is from the Biblical concept in Genesis that mankind was created “in God’s image” that we get “that all men are created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, the right to freedom” being the first mentioned. No other religions would give us these freedoms. Islam does not grant you autonomy. Even Hinduism is a cast system. The abolitionists in America and Great Britain were all influenced by Christians. William Wilberforce in Britain.

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