The Story of Lil’ Bernie Is Everything Sanders Stands For

This is a wonderful example of how small businesses can thrive and would thrive with manufacturing sources in our country. The demand is there, we just need to find the political will necessary to reinstitute manufacturing back into our social fabric, what we need to remember though is that the environment as a priority just as important as employment. Bernie Sanders is the best candidate there is to bring back the working and middles classes, I realize that if you only follow mainstream media sources, you would disagree with me, but if you bypass the media blackout and investigate alternative sources, you would see the passion he instills and elicits, especially from the millennials. Bernie is all about bringing our society together to rebuild and retrofit our infrastructure, establish universal preschool, bring healthcare to the public sector to make it more cost effective through better price negotiations, bring labor back to the forefront in regards to the economy, dismantle the big banks who are still a menace to our society and find ways to rid our political system of the rampant corruption that has sickened our democracy. Bernie Sanders appeals to a wider section of society than any other candidate, he can realistically beat Trump in the general election, all we need to do as democrats is give Bernie the democratic nomination and watch him beat the republican candidate whoever he or she may be next year. #Bernie2016
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