5 Ways Democratic Socialism Isn’t What You Think

Words and definitions are important, however we should also examine Bernie Sanders record. I would argue from what I have read about his tenure as Mayor of Burlington, Bernie went beyond the labels and governed practically, capably and compassionately, he was one of the most successful mayors Burlington had had in a long time. If we examine his record during his terms as representative, he won his re-elections easily because he was the king of amendments, nimbly inserting important amendments benefitting the people into must-pass legislation, over the years he has helped countless of less fortunate who, without Bernie, would have had a harder life. As Senator Bernie worked very closely with everyone to get ahead of the V.A’s medical crisis, he has had the endorsement of several Republican colleagues when it comes to Bernie’s commitment to the veterans. What I find most striking about Bernie and his importance in this year’s presidential election and our nation’s struggle with laissez-faire capitalism, is how effortlessly he incites passion and hope when he speaks to anyone; the young, the working class, students, veterans, professors and the elderly. Bernie Sanders may be a democratic socialist, but most importantly he is one of us, he remembers what it is to struggle, to honor our history, to be compassionate and courageous towards others and he has a disdain towards the self-indulgent mythology the wealthy feed themselves so they can sleep at night. Bernie has called out Trump right on the nose, a spoiled little billionaire brat, who is intentionally playing mind games to get the public distracted by fear, so they feel compelled to vote against their own best interests. We fundamentally need Bernie Sanders in the White House, if only to wipe away the intentional disrespect towards government as an agent of change, our common good and our common future, which was instilled within its rooms by Ronald Reagan. When Reagan came in and swept away the remaining vestiges of public respect towards concept of common government, he did our nation the greatest disservice of all. I am going to vote for Bernie to reverse that worldview.
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