How A Prosecutor Managed To Blame A 12-Year-Old For Getting Killed By A Cop

It would be ideal to be able to say “let’s examine each case individually” but we can’t and why do I say this? Each time I read about another African-American shot dead by the police, I have read many other stories of white individuals armed and dangerous being brought in, alive and well. If there wasn’t any prejudice, how do you explain this blatant discrepancy between white assailants alive and African Americans suspects? Our police departments nation wide need to tighten their psychological reviews, their academic tests and their emotional intelligence requirements as well as combining housing with patrol assignments. Let’s make it mandatory that police officers live where they patrol so they feel connected to their job and the community they serve never becomes a label or “the other”. We have a serious responsibility here as a society, we are in charge of electing those who provide the order that we seek, yet if we don’t require those in charge of keeping order to the highest standard we are guaranteed to fail as a society. This crisis we are having with our police departments and their disregard for African American life is grave, we must turn this around as quickly as possible, it is in everyone’s best interests.
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  1. So sad. We need to continue to examine this complicated issue!

    1. I know, we have to find a way to do better.

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