The Supreme Court Had A Landmark Year. Here Are Its Greatest Hits.

If this Supreme Court hasn’t persuaded democrats everywhere to get out and vote, I don’t know what will. Our Supreme Court Justices are quite old, Ruth Ginsberg is in her eighties, our next President will most likely be prevailed upon to put forth a candidate for Supreme Court nominee and I fervently believe that the future of our nation depends on a more progressive Supreme Court as well as another democrat in the White House. I love the fact that Bernie Sanders would hold potential Supreme Court candidate’s feet to the fire regarding excessive money in politics. What I admire most about Bernie Sanders is his faithful adherence to basic human rights; the right to healthcare, the right to love who you want, the right to basic economic security, the right to an education, the right to opportunity. Our Supreme Court determines many of these questions to whether or not these issues are rights or privileges so it directly impacts our lives as to who sits on the esteemed bench. I want Bernie Sanders to pick our next Supreme Court Justice, I want Bernie Sanders for President. #Bernie2016
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