Yet Another Health Care Repeal Vote To Open Congressional Year

Apparently the gloves are coming off now, so what exactly would they call their behavior before? The Republican Party is once again going to vote to repeal the ACA, this time with what they think of as an added advantage of finally being able to send it to the President, only to have it vetoed, moreover they are making their bill even more heinous, they are planning to take an ax to federal funding for Planned Parenthood, both items are worthy of a Presidential veto, however the Republican Party is using our precious time to put these machinations in motion simply to show their own base that they haven’t forgotten about them. I cannot imagine having the mindset necessary to be part of the Republican base, so I can’t understand how a party who is adamantly against women, against freedom to marry who you wish, against freedom from religion and against economic freedom can ever be electable. Yet here we are, could it really be the democrat’s fault? Are we really so lazy and irresponsible that by staying at home during off election years, we have allowed the Republican Party to flourish? If this is the case, then the solution is laughably easy, democrats everywhere get off the couch and vote, no matter what. It is our civic duty and it is in our best interns to vote for better candidates who will work for the people instead of against them. #Bernie2016
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