Wall Street Got Burned In Washington This Year, For Once

We need to rethink how the inner workings of our government is set up, Newt Gingrich decimated congressional competence when he razed each congressional department’s budget back in 1995, Newt Gingrich truly was one of the worst Speakers in our nation’s modern history, he forced congress to go to outside sources to become informed of the complexities of social and political policy. His plan was a first step to giving unprecedented access to the sausage making process to capitalist groups. The lobbyists who litter the corridors of power are there not for the good of the nation or the good of the people, it is for the good of their clients, the huge moneymakers who grab their winnings in the manner of sloppy poker winners, winning the hand of a game not because of hard work or talent but most often on sheer stupid luck or cheating, the big banks are known for their cheating ways, shame on Washington D.C for allowing it to happen under their noses without trying to change it. I say shame on them because who suffers from big bank excesses? The consumer suffers that’s who, we can’t afford the hidden fees and the overdraft charges that are sneaked in wildly nilly, often at the most inopportune time, almost as if deliberately making you insufficient. We need more congress people like Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown and we need a President like Bernie Sanders, they will keep Wall Street on a very short leash. #Bernie2016.

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