Thinking Harder about Political Correctness

I am so much more concerned with the casual, cavalier acceptance of outright lies from candidates like Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich and Bush than the state of political correctness right now. If we listened to these clowns, America is in the worst state it has ever been, we are at two clicks shy of being overrun by hordes of something, bogeymen are waiting in the shadows at every street corner and we are collectively going to hell in a hand basket. I don’t see what they see, I however see what Bernie Sanders sees, we are losing ground to the billionaires and the millionaires who have been slowly chipping away at every progressive stride we had made since F.D.R. Thanks to the likes of Reagan and Bush, I would even include center right democrats like Clinton, our once mighty middle class has been reduced to stressed, weary and anxious workers who haven’t known job security in at least 3 decades and who haven’t sufficient retirement plans due to the bankrupting nature of medical bills and college costs. If we think things are tough now, just wait until a President Trump, Cruz or Rubio plus a republican controlled congress finishes their plans for our nation. It will be a banana republic the likes the world has never seen before, millions of indentured servants at the mercy of an elite oligarchy, freedom will be only lip service, because without economic freedom, how can you truly be free? We have to get Bernie Sanders into the White House and we have to wrest congressional control away from the Republican Party if we hope to do some hefty economic course corrections. President Obama got us out of the most serious economic disaster since the 1930’s, we need President Sanders to get our economy pumping strong again by reinvesting and fortifying in our middle class.
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