Sanders’ Economic Plan Best for the 99 Percent

Hillary Clinton is center right in many things, she is only center left when it comes to some social issues, but I have to acknowledge the great work she did for children when she helped enact CHIP. I know she has done a lot of great things for women everywhere and she still does, however she is too close to Wall Street and I’m sure she doesn’t see the need for reinstating Glass-Steagal because she doesn’t want to see the danger Wall Street has become since its repeal at the hands of her husband. Bernie Sanders argued very forcibly against Glass-Steagal’s repeal, it’s on YouTube, what is also on YouTube is his takedown of Alan Greenspan when he failed to foresee the housing bubble despite the evidence that was staring him in the face, Alan Greenspan finally admitted that he had underestimated the depth and power that greed had exerted over the finance industry, somehow he thought markets would self-regulate, he admitted as much to Bernie Sanders. However we see that Bernie Sanders had always understood that greed would be our economy’s downfall and he was working very diligently to rein it in, unfortunately his was a voice amongst the few and they lost the good fight. We need Bernie Sanders in the White House, we need him at the bully pulpit, we need him to continue to inspire us to action.#Bernie2016
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