Congress Votes Yet Again To Defund Planned Parenthood

I wish for just enough time to make these shortsighted conservative Republican men understand what it truly means to be responsible over pregnancy, to have them get pregnant accidentally and let the cards fall where they may, I bet the house that Planned Parenthood would then become sacrosanct, forever funded without question. The misogyny is astounding, anyone who willingly makes a woman’s life more difficult because they view women as nothing more than brood mares is a misogynist in my book. Women are infinitely more than baby making machines, however for the most part is falls to the woman to be responsible for birth control, so until evolution changes the way humankind is made and produced, women need the freedom to determine their reproductive freedoms and choices. There are thousands of other items on the congressional to do list, leave Planned Parenthood alone. Our future President Bernie Sanders will be fighting for women on this issue as soon as he gets in office, he has always had our backs and he will be using his new office to further help women achieve more in terms of pay equity and reproductive freedom, even more so when he gets Medicare for All passed as law of the land. I know my words are bold, but I know he will take my words and put them into action. #Bernie2016.
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  1. Lucy Pasha-Robinson · · Reply

    Well said Laurie, it’s culturally engrained misogyny at its worst.

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