Paul Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Summit: A Test of Republicans’ Sincerity On Poverty

What I found jarring when Paul Ryan accepted the Speakership is how he demanded time for his family as in a healthy work/family balance, a concept that has become unfamiliar to millions of working families throughout the U.S, mainly because of policies crafted by the Republican Party. My husband is a case in point, his company assumes that his 80 hour work weeks are their perogative because he owes them as much, he is forced to work those hours because he has no support, his company refuses to invest in personnel and if he doesn’t deliver well there are younger and hungry college graduates. It is insanity out there in corporate America, from the entry level right up to below the executive suite, everyone is expendable. The Republican Party, in alignment with corporate America, put into motion the devaluation of the American worker no matter where they find themselves on the corporate ladder. In as much as Paul Ryan demands certain concessions from his employer, the American people, we on the other hand have no right to demand our own concessions because ironically legislators like Paul Ryan have spent most of their time undermining worker’s rights. When workers are powerless, falling into poverty isn’t too hard, low wages, the inability to schedule one’s life around work because employers refuse to extend the possibility of consistent scheduling and living one mishap from disaster because miserable wages don’t allow for much in savings. Paul Ryan and his colleagues have made sure that we live in a nation that forces us to spend more in health than any other nation, we work ourselves to death because we haven’t any other alternative and privatization has driven up the cost of so many necessities that we don’t have much recourse to anything else. I don’t understand Paul Ryan’s hypocrisy when it comes to his poverty plans, austerity and bootstraps for the rest of us while concessions, understanding and subsidies for the elite, it doesn’t compute.
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